Tired of being run out of racing by the ultra wealthy? Fight Back!

RACESAVER® rules prevent money from buying a significant advantage.

The RACESAVER® concept allows working men and women the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. “Nationally proven rules, saving racing for working folks.” Here is the proven RACESAVER® plan: Stable and Enforceable Rules, Consistent Rules Application, Fair Purse Distribution Did you know that the average sprint car purse pays the winner 10 times the amount earned by the 24th place car? Races run under RACESAVER® plan pay the 24th starter at least 1/2 of the winner’s purse. A typical purse would pay the winner between $150 to $300 and the 24th starter $100 to $150. No, that isn’t a lot of money, but that is exactly the plan. Big money, brings big problems. You can be competitive for under $150 per night. Now you can race, pay the mortgage, and send the kids to school. RACESAVER® growth is very strong. We now have over 1,000 cars competing in RACESAVER® regions and tracks. The present and future of affordable racing is RACESAVER® . Join us and race better and more often, while spending far less money. To order heads, contact RACESAVER® @ 540-923-4541 Credit cards accepted. Prepay and engine builder discounts available.