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Closed Loop Dyno & Track Tuning , Consulting Services

We offer unique closed loop Data acquisition and analysis  services.  When you need to gather specific information, we are able to link information from our Fuel Flow benches, Engine Dynos,  Shock Dynos, and Real track onboard data gathering. Linking all these systems allows you gain maximum utilization of your test time.  Our portable instrumentation and very high sample rate (up to 3800 sample per second) allows us to acquire information that will advance your program. We can provide you with outstanding insight into the dynamics of your test environment.  We have 3 complete on board data acc. systems in addition to a stationary (380mhz) high speed unit suitable for observing very transient events.

In the last 18 years, we have offered proprietary engine development information and facilities to prominent engine builders, component manufacturers and race teams.  Our development abilities can offer your team a significant advantage. Call and let us assist  with your requirements in a confidential and discreet manner.

Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems are a mainstay of our business. We offer a combination of comprehensive knowledge, the best test facilities and experience that comes from 52 years of tuning with 25 years devoted to building winning fuel systems.  When you need your fuel system and pump upgraded, we provide a service that cannot be equaled.  We are not shackled to any one pump or injection line, so you can trust our recommendations on your system.  In addition to a comprehensive stock of Hilborn and Kinsler fuel injection components, we have a proprietary product line that includes our no leak fuel modification valves, vapor-fuel nozzles, custom built injection systems and a tuning service that will optimize your injection system.

Magneto Service

Magneto Overhaul Service includes the following:

     Test and inspect on arrival and call if repair will exceed the quoted price.

     Disassemble, clean and polish.

     Recharge magnet using our exclusive "FLUXMAX" process (guaranteed the strongest charge available anywhere).

     Check and straighten: magnet spindle, lower shaft, cam run out.

     Check condenser for proper MFD rating and leakage.

     Stress test coil, hot and cold.

     File and parallel align points and set spring tension.

     Assembly and test, verifying individual timing occurrences.

Hilborn Fuel Pump Service

Hilborn Fuel Pump Service includes the following:

     Test and inspect on arrival and call if repair will exceed the quoted price.

     Clean and set internal clearances.

     Check seal and bearing.

     Assemble pump with new bolts.

     Code pump so we can help you to tune your engine.

Total Tuning Program
If you have a tuning problem, we can help!

Gain the maximum advantage of using a weather station.  A strong performance advantage is immediately available with our Total Tuning Program.

Our concept of treating each engine and driver combination as a separate entity has proven superior.  1993 marked the introduction of the Tuning Support Program, and in the last 5 years we have gained very substantial insights into the world of engine, driver, and track combination.

Conventional racing logic says that the team with the most money, best driver and highest horsepower will win the most races.  Look back over the past season and you will see that the top 20 fastest cars at National caliber races qualified within 2 to 4 tenths of a second of each other.  ONE TENTH of a second can make the difference between being comfortably in the Main event or struggling to qualifying through consolation races.  We have a proven plan that is worth a minimum of 3 to 5 Hundredths of a second.  In some cases our plan legitimately reduced lap times by 2 tenths of a second.  Track conditions, weather, chassis setup, and driver all combine to make precise tuning a very specialized skill.   Through our Total Tuning Program, your team can have immediate access to information that is specifically tailored to YOUR requirements.

We assign a serial number to each engine, fuel pump, ignition system, and fuel system for a participating team.  We build a dedicated data base for that team and use specific information from each race or dyno session so that we can predict the changes BEFORE time trials and the feature events.

Even the most experienced mechanics benefit from our tuning forecasts.  Experience has proven that there are changes that occur, which are so subtle, that they cannot be recognized without the Total Tuning Program.

A team using the Total Tuning Program receives phone support for each event.  Specific tuning suggestions for that event are provided.  Our program can uncover conditions that will lead to failure if left unchecked.  Our research facilities and on track data acquisition provide factual basis for our tuning recommendations.  The advice we provide is stable, proven information that will yield substantial performance.

The cost/benefit ratio of the Total Tuning Program is the most effective investment that a team can make.  You decide on the basis of our analysis to either conserve your equipment or push the performance envelope.   Some engine failures are a fact of life at the top.  Winning demands maximum power delivery.  While we cannot eliminate all failures, our tuning program provides the information to make the right decisions.  Extending the life of your engine, while making competitive power will pay for our Total Tuning Program.

French Grimes has the ability and desire to help you sharpen your edge.  In 1958, at 15 years of age, I had my first paying tuning job.  Overhead cam road race motorcycles proved to be the first opportunity to provide the winning edge.  Work and dedication are what it takes to stay ahead.  A passion for understanding started me on this path and that same passion continues today.  We can help you understand how to tune to win.